Legends Volleyball Club Mission Statement

Legends Volleyball Club has been established to provide a positive learning environment for athletes who have a passion for the game of volleyball and are looking to improve their skills. We strive to provide each player with unparalleled instruction to build their character development of skills and sportsmanship. At the same time we look to build a fun and nurturing environment for our volleyball players so they are able to reach their maximum playing abilities. Our girls will be challenged to not only individually, but also as members of their team and community. Legends Volleyball Club players and Coaches abide by four pillars at all times: accept personal responsibility, give your best effort, show respect (opponents and fans), and treat your teammates and coaches like family.

Our program goals include:

  • Developing teamwork
  • Influence good sportsmanship
  • Promoting competiveness and Mental Toughness


  • To develop interest and participation
  • To provide each athlete with a high level of technical training
  • To maintain a positive teamwork environment to further their social, mental and athletic development
  • To be a first class program displaying good sportsmanship
  • To teach athletes life skills through this positive experience
  • To expose players to collegiate programs through recruiting efforts
  • Promoting Volleyball at an early age
  • Competing locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Providing experienced and qualified coaches
  • Designing programs that will develop athletes physically and mentally
  • Supporting Academics


Mission statement

​​Legends Volleyball Club